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Patent Magnetic System

Based on Magnetic design, the ECT allows riders to easily engage, and release without the steep learn curve of traditional clipless pedals.

With little practice, riders new to clipless pedals can quickly learn how to use our pedals and avoid the embarrassing fall many new clipless pedal riders experience. The ECT is perfect for beginners and casual riders.

Increase your Power Transfer

With 8.5 KG of pull force, the ECT holds you securely so you can maximize power transfer up and down strokes. They are providing riders with more power and efficiency in their ride.


 Reduce the risk of injury 

With our magnetic system, riders can release using a natural motion.

Easy releasement is the key to lowering the risk of injury. The ECT can easily be released by slightly twisting the heel outward.

Correcting your Body Posture

People with pigeon-toed or splayfooted might find themselves having issue while cycling.
Other than elevating riding power, ECT can also help to correct your body posture during riding by stablize your feet onto the correct postion. Having a correct body posture can also make long ride more relaxing and confortable.

Large surface base, more comfortable rides

ECT has large base which reduces the stress on feet and ankles for long rides.

Work with any major brand SPD-SL shoes

ECT are compatible with all standard 3 hole SPD-SL shoes.
Do not have worry about buying specific shoes.

Passed ISO Pedal Reliability Test

The ECT is built to last. It has passed the ISO-4210 pedal static strength test, Impact Test, and Dynamic Durability Test.

Taiwan Innovated, Made in Taiwan

ECT is innovated by Taiwanese development Team.
With all parts Made In Taiwan, ECT provides you better riding experience.

The ECT Plus, Stronger Power

The ECT Classic Plus, has 10 KG of pulling force, designed for more experienced riders.

Original Magnetic Pedal Plate

Our Magnetic Pedal Plates allow you to switch your clipless pedals into flat pedals without any efforts.